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I noticed how no one here had tagged Merlin yet so I decided to start my own group and see how many are interested in following and adding stories about our favourite warlock and of course the actors/actresses in it and their new projects.

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Anyone seen Colin Morgan's new series Humans? It's absolutely brilliant and I can't wait for the season finale on Sunday.


rosahebi I haven't seen this yet, but I'm excited to start watching it soon.

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teekalin Oh, it's really good and Colin is brilliant in it, especially in episode seven.

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doctor Just started watching Humans last night. It's pretty good so far.

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teekalin Just wait until you reach episode seven. Colin is amazing in that one.

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I see you got my message, Welcome to Forqt! Thanks for starting this group, I'll try and pump up the Merlin writers this week and get this going!


teekalin Looking forward to it :-)

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