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My name is Marshall, I am the owner/operator of ABH LLC.

This forum is to discuss locations, stories,theories and strategize future events and/or expeditions to gather information and more.

At this time, there will be no fees for any such type of discussion or future outings or events. I am creating this to gather a group of like minded individuals who share the same desire to bring this subject to national attention, and I mean literally bring.

I am based in Utah and this business will focus on reports and activities of this matter in Utah.

Literature is very important and so is the authors of such books and movies.

Their reputations are on the line and so is their credibility, so my only requests at this time is no foul language and that you don't waste time convincing others to chase the wild goose.

In time, after I have built followers and teams with different skill sets and expertise, I hear by agree to release photographic proof to the members and only then.

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