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Wash: This landing is gonna get pretty interesting.

Capt. Mal: Define "interesting".

Wash: [deadpan] Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die?

During The Film Society of Lincoln Center's Q&A, Joss Whedon talked about his short-lived TV show "Firefly", continuing the project with the film "Serenity", and the future of the story.


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For the noobs, this is the beginning...


Another crossover that we need. #Firefly/#DoctorWho. It'd be awesome if Joss Whedon and Steven Moffat make it happen

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Mal: You offering me a trade?

Jayne: A trade? Hell, it's theft. This the best gun made by man. It has *extreme* sentimental value. It's miles more worthy 'n what you got!

Mal: What I got? She has a name.

Jayne: So does this. I call it Vera.

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rosahebi Great scene, lol

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Asked about “a perfect world” in which “Firefly” could continue, Whedon said, “We do not live in a perfect world – I know this because I do not have a flying car.” As to his plans, he just said, “You just put those nine people on a ship,” and anything could happen. “I don’t even need anybody else.”


'Firefly' stars and galaxy of cult heroes get meta in 'Con Man' trailer

The tragic life of a former cult TV star is the comic subject of the new show starring Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion, former cult TV stars.


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rosahebi My number one favorite television show...

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