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I am an author of many pen names.

A poet, & writer, the best of both worlds.

A girl who loves TV, books, music, WWE & Final Fantasy.

I write on FanFiction.Net under the pen name mauveshadows, I'm mostly known for writing wrestling fanfiction & a little bit of poetry here and there.

My pen names are my alter egos.

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awarriorgoddess published Darkness

I hope you guys aren't following me because of the Moonlight cover.


rosahebi I'm following you because of "The Last Rose"


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awarriorgoddess Awww. Thank you for that. You just made my day. :D

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wingman Im following because I like your stories. You are very talented.

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awarriorgoddess Thank you very much for your kind words. :)

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awarriorgoddess published Moonlight

awarriorgoddess published Blank Space

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awarriorgoddess published The Last Rose

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