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Ok, so I've just joined and I have a few things I'd like to say. First, I'm a believer though I've not had any encounters that I'm aware of. Like most people my age, it started with "The Legend Of Boggy Creek". The main thing I want to address in this post is wood knocks. I've been an outdoorsman my whole life. I was a Marine for 7 years. Over the past 20 years I lived in NW Tennessee and hunted a 250 acre property. On almost every outing I heard what sounded like a wood knock. This was before I ever heard of wood knocking being attributed to sasquatch. Now, knowing every foot of that and the surrounding properties, I'm certain that it was NOT a squatch, though admittedly I really don't know what it was. Beaver? Deer dragging a hoof over deadfall? I don't know. I do know I find it difficult to think every time we hear a knock in the woods that it's a squatch, as some of the "experts" would have us believe. Just my thoughts. Any feedback is welcomed.

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lazyzimm I don't know how to explain the sound, but I just know it's a Squatch. It responds to your knock, the woods suddenly become silent, not even a cricket, you feel like you are being watched, a rock is thrown at you, tree structures are in the area, crosses made out of sticks, whoops, grunts, footprints, and these are just things my sister and I have found camping out in a known BF sighting area now our research site which is 27 acres of private land. We believe women campers draw them closer to us than our men campers do! No proof, just what we notice. The tree structures are beautiful to me. I prefer daylight trekking around in the woods or dusk to nighttime! Apparently they see in the dark and can be right with us and we not know it. They have been seen in daylight as well, mostly at night you get more encounters. Enjoy your woods, practice safety, carry a weapon for th other intruders in your area that could harm you! Enjoy the walk, keep your mind free in case they want to mind speak with you. We open to whatever you see or hear as being real! Once you start looking for structures, see a bend etc. You will get hooked on the research part, knock back when you hear a knock and see if it becomes closer or further from resputrful of them! Happy walking through the woods.

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marshall29 Come to utah

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