Well, hell yes! You answer, slapping the comforting paws aside and striding towards the man. You seize his raygun, turn on the darkness of the cave, and spray it down with white hot laser.

Jesus, the man-thing protests, I mean yeah, they're not on our side. But we don't really we don't burn the monkeys.

Listen man, are you seriously gonna go all future-pussy on me here, or are we gonna jump in your ship, fire up the photon machineguns, blast some metal, and light some flea-bitten motherfuckers on fire?

II guess we can go, He seems very uncertain about you all of a sudden. You make a note to report him as an animal-sympathizer to whatever Orwellian council you assume runs this world as soon as you get back to civilization. Can't have any fur-lovers in your army.

You wait impatiently, jabbing at random buttons and making explosion noises with your mouth, as the man makes preparations for take-off. Suddenly, you spy something out the window and sprint back down the stairs.

Hold up a sec, you motion for the man to wait, I've got to take care of something real quick.

You emerge from the belly of the shining steel vessel, shield your eyes against the burning sun, and center your aim at the treetops. You're pretty sure you saw a parrot up there with a disapproving look in his eye, and youre not about to take that shit from some Featherhead which you're assuming is the racist slur for birds in the future. If not, it certainly should be. You make up your mind to start slipping it into casual conversation.

You steady yourself to fire, but something is groping at your leg! You look down to find youve tangled your foot into some vines. Or rather, the vines have tangled around you as you see now theyre moving independently, tightening their grip. Another ropy lash seizes your arm, causing you to drop your firearm. Suddenly, you are being engulfed by the plants.

If you cry out for help from the man-machine inside the ship, turn to page 9.If you tough it out, confident that even a vegetarian can take down some stupid plant, turn to page 10.

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