Help, you scream, as the leaves swat at your open mouth help me, Robocop!

My names David, the man snaps back from the open stairway.

Fucking whatever, Johnny 5, just shoot the god damn plant.

No, he answers, his voice quavering, youre really mean and I dont like you and Im going home.

You inhale deeply, preparing to scream the loudest obscenity possible, cycling through your mental rolodex of robot-based epithets, but the plant has already sealed over your mouth.

As it drags you to the ground, you see Davids ship ascending and quickly disappearing out of sight. A twig snaps to your left, and just before the vines entwine over your eyes, you see a caveful of monkeys not a one so much as singed watching in grim resignation as you are devoured.

Huh. You just kind of assumed that firing wildly into a darkened cave like that, youd hit something.

The End

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