You know how when you repeat words over and over and after a while they no longer look like words? Yeah, I think that may happen with 'decision' today. I'm already double checking the spelling because it doesn't look right.

You can click on the other chapters in the story tree for quick access but progress where you are is lost and saving dumps you back to the chapter list screen. Seems most practical to paste your chapters in rather than write in here since there is no autosave or convenient quick save.

The story content screen is easy to read, I do like that. Icons let you know how many views, votes and comments you have on each chapter. Decision lists on each chapter are easy to differentiate and chapters that hit a dead end are clearly marked.


It would be nice to have the option of adding pictures - I'd screenshot everything and drop it in but that would probably complicate code too much.

Like this? Forqt lets you add your own chapter to the story!

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