A/N: The concept of this story is inspired/based off Shall We Date: The Niflheim+, a Japanese romance simulation game that you can download on the Google Play store for free, [I want to go to Japan so bad!] but... I'm writing this with my own ideas in it, my own twist. Still though, disclaimer: I own nothing related to the Shall We Date series games, & nothing related to the WWE. I am writing this strictly for entertainment purposes only. This is sort of different from what I usually write so I hope you guys enjoy this! Edit: I was re-reading this after a few reviews, and man, I had to go back and re-edit this. :)

She was floating.

When a spear of a truck came crashing through a window, piercing her skull - Nikki Bella knew that she was done for, that she died instantly in the driver's seat of her car... but she didn't expect to wake up again, and find herself floating aimlessly in a black void.

Where am I? She thought curiously. She reached up with her hands to touch the middle of her forehead, where she expected the spear to be, but instead she found that the weapon, and injury that caused her death was no longer there. The smooth surface of the skin on her head was back, and she was thankful, though this only furthered her confusion.

What's going on? Did I... really die? There was no way she could've survived that car crash, the damn thing pierced her skull for crying out loud! She squirmed in the black void in a panic, clawing, and kicking at the darkness. She was hoping that in this attempt to escape that she would somehow defy reality, and cause the black void to shatter with physical contact... but of course, her attempts at escaping failed, as she kept hitting nothing but air, and saw that she was still floating in the darkness.

She was just seconds away from screaming when she heard two faint sounds of what it sounded like someone knocking at a door. Nikki scowled in confusion as her ears perked at the noise.

Knock, Knock.

Who's there? She demanded inside her head, though she didn't know why she did. It's not like anyone would hear her if she spoke in this God forsaken void.

The noise came again, but in a more clear fashion knock, knock, and this time, she saw a break of light that came bleeding through the darkness of the void, and just as she seen this, she realized that she was no longer floating in the air, but laying down, comfortably on a soft surface.

"Can you hear me?" Someone asked from above her. She was looking up at the break of light through closed eyelids, and with a single touch of someone's fingers, she opened her eyes to see a man of a Samoan descent, and jet black hair, smiling down at her.

His face looked so serene, that it actually eased her to calm down a little. She didn't know what was going on, but this man, whoever he was, seemed very easy to talk to. Perhaps I'll ask him. She looked around with her eyes, and saw that the man above her was holding a door to a casket above his head, and behind him the light she saw breaking through the darkness.

Her eyes burned, and she started blinking rapidly for the pain to go away. "You're finally awake," The man said in a calming tone, and he looked at her as if she was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Her heart fluttered, and Nikki blinked at him as if confirming that she really is awake to the man.

"Roman! Move! I want to see her!" Someone said from the outside, and suddenly, the man called Roman, was pushed out of her line of vision, and a new man with two toned hair, came into her view. He held the door to the casket, and looked down at her with kind eyes. "Wow, you're kind of beautiful, you do know that don't you?"

She tried moving her mouth to thank the man, but it was frozen in place. I'd say thank you if I can speak, Nikki thought to herself as she watched him wait for her to reply.

"Oh wait, that's right," He reached down to touch the surface of her lips with one finger, and suddenly Nikki was able to speak and make her mouth move. "Thank you! Oh wow, how did you do that?" Nikki asked looking up at the man in astonishment.

"It's a Midas touch, kind of thing." The man said holding up his finger, and smiling proudly at it. His moment of triumphed was interrupted by a familiar voice, "Get a grip, Seth. You think everything you touch is golden." The new voice said, as he punched his friend in the ribs.

"Damn it, Dean. If you wanted to see her, all you had to do was ask." The man called Seth inched away from Nikki's line of vision in pain, and a new man came into her view now. His short, messy, brown hair, and face brought a sense of familiarity to her, though she couldn't quite put her finger on who this man is to her.

"Well, will you look at that? The King sure knows how to pick them." Dean smirked as he eyed Nikki up and down, and nodded his head in approval. "You're quite the beauty, aren't ya?"

"Can you help me, please? I can't move." Nikki asked him in mild irritation. "Oh sure, Princess." Dean's smirk grew, and he, along with Roman and Seth all came together to touch her arms, legs, fingers, and feet, and anything else she needed to use to get her body to operate again.

"Your hand?" Roman offered his hand to her, and she reached up to clasp her hand into his. He pulled her out of the casket, and helped her on her feet. "Thank you," Nikki said with a soft smile to Roman. Both Seth and Roman looked at her in awe. Nikki came out wearing a white dress, and a headpiece, looking very much like an angel descending from the skies.

She truly is Niflheim's Princess. Thought the both of them.

"Now where..." Nikki began to say but stopped when she looked around. She saw that she was in some sort of cabin, but not just any old, dusty looking cabin, but one that looked extremely rich, and luxurious, a cabin that looked like something you might see from a fairy tale story.

"Where am I? And what happened?" She asked reaching to touch the middle of her forehead. While she was delighted to get her entire body working again, and that she seemed very much alive, the confusion she felt earlier returned, and it heightened as her mind tried to register her rich surroundings.

"Well, Princess," Dean cut in with an impatient sigh. "If you look over at the casket, you'll see a tombstone... with your name on it." He nodded over to the casket where Roman helped her out of just a minute ago, and indeed, just as Dean said, there was a tombstone behind it.

That can't be mine... She thought. How could it be her tombstone if she's alive now? She walked over to the tombstone, and wiped off the dust to reveal... her name, just like Dean had said.

Here Lies Nicole Garcia, also known as Nikki Bella...Sweet Dreams, Princess. We'll see you soon.

"I did die."

"Welcome to Niflheim, Princess."

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