A/N: There are a few other things I should tell you before we get started. I will be applying elements/characters from WWE Immortals into Moonlight, (It seems naturally fitting to have some of the characters from the Immortals game become residents in Niflheim, don't you think?) so you might see people like White Witch Trish Stratus, Dark Sorceress Paige, The Viper Randy Orton, etc. etc. I'm doing this for the purpose of making this story be a little more different from the Shall We Date game this story is based off of. That being said, this will still be a supernatural based story, but with a sprinkle of fantasy here and there. (I'm stirring the pot with this one.) Fun fact about Niflheim: Niflheim is one of the Nine Worlds and is a location in Norse mythology, it is often referred to as "Mist Home", the "Abode of Mist" or "Mist World." Niflheim is the cold, dark, misty world of the dead, so this story is not only based off the Shall We Date game, but it's also based off/inspired by Norse mythology! How about that?! :D

The cabin was one of the most beautiful things Nikki has ever witnessed for her first time in Niflheim. But waking up in a rich, and wealthy looking cabin was nothing compared to stepping outside of it for the first time. Niflheim is a beautiful place. It's colorful surroundings, even in night time, were rich, and luxurious, not to mention the beautiful Gothic architecture of the buildings, and homes of residents living in Niflheim.

The gardens in each home were beautifully kept, and extremely healthy, as well as the fresh green grass in each home. The garden contained dozens and dozens of roses, colors that she didn't even know that existed, blue roses, black roses, yellow, orange... the most basic kind of rose she knew about were red roses.

As far as animals were concerned, the only thing she seen were skeletal birds chirping happily at seeing her arrival in Niflheim for the first time.

She walked on a rich stone black pathway, with Roman on her left side, Dean on her right, and Seth way ahead of them on the pathway to meet the King of Niflheim. Neither of them spoke about who the King of Niflheim is, what he's like and how he treats the people, or why he has chosen her to be his fiancee.

Perhaps they didn't know why she was chosen as Princess, or why the King has chosen her as his fiancee, Nikki thought, but either way, she didn't like being kept in the dark about things - especially when it comes to the matter of Niflheim, herself, her being the King's fiancee, and a Princess.

And for a Princess, Nikki was nervous.

When she told Roman of her anxiety, and fear of meeting the King of Niflheim, he told her that he didn't blame her at all for feeling the things she felt. "It's perfectly normal to feel a little frightened, Princess." Roman said with a comforting smile, "Everyone's been in your place, and everyone's been afraid to meet the King, so you are not the only one."

He was right. When she was alive, she was just an average young woman with a normal life, and a job (at least, despite her suffering from a severe case of amnesia, she assumed that she had a job, how else would she have a car to die in?) And then there was the matter of Roman, Dean, and Seth... they were all average human beings before dying and making their presence known in Niflheim, so surely they all must've felt the way she is feeling right now.

"In your situation, it's different since this is the man you are supposed to be marrying, but like I said, everyone's been in your place before, they wake up from a year, 2 years, or even a thousands years from slumber into the world of Niflheim, and are right away brought to meet the King." This attracted Nikki's attention.

"A thousand years? You can't age in Niflheim?" She asked looking up at him curiously.

Roman shook his head. "No, neither can you die of old age in Niflheim. In the real world, when you die, it's the soul that escapes the body and comes to Niflheim in it's physical form." Roman explained further. "So how do you stay young in Niflheim?" Nikki asked, and in answer, Roman pointed up at the moon.

"In Niflheim, there is no sunlight, only moonlight... it is the moonlight that purifies the soul every single day, and it keeps a soul living in Niflheim young forever, never to grow old."

"But not aging doesn't make you necessarily safe, or immortal in Niflheim," said Dean, cutting in the conversation with a harsh, and deadly tone. "So don't get your hopes up."

Roman looked at his friend in concern, "Are you alright?" Dean slid his eyes over to look at Roman, then at Nikki, and he gave a slight, nonchalant shrug. "Too much to drink last night," He replied, his voice a little lighter from his deadly tone from earlier.

Nikki sat back watching the two of them exchange looks with each other. Roman looked like he didn't really believe Dean and his excuse, and Dean answered back with a stoic expression, shrugged, and started to punch his fist into the palm of his hand as if he was trying to distract himself from something.

"If only there was instant cure for alcoholism," Roman commented still looking at his friend. Dean gave no response, and reverted the conversation back to Nikki, "I hope you are ready for your new life, Princess Bella."

Nikki was too occupied about what happened earlier to give him an honest answer to his response. Apart of her wanted to understand the mind, and the man that is Dean Ambrose. She wanted to know why he acts the way he does, but she had a feeling that asking him right then and there, would be a bad idea.

"Yeah, it'll be hard." Nikki said, breaking away from her thoughts. "I'm not even used to being called a Princess," She admitted, and Dean, for the first time since leaving the cabin, smiled a little faintly, and chuckled.

"You'll get used to it, sweetheart." He said, his smile turning into a smug looking smirk.

Nikki scowled at him. "Don't call me sweetheart." And Dean held his hands up in defense, and smiled. "Yes, my Princess, your wish is my command."

"Dean, why don't you go check on Seth? You don't want him messing around with those skeletal birds again like last time." Roman nodded up to Seth, trying to feed skeletal birds some pie he bought from somewhere.

"God, Seth," Dean went off to stop his friend from doing something stupid, leaving Roman and Nikki to themselves. "What's his story, Roman? Why is he -?" Nikki began to ask, and Roman cut her off, saying exactly what she was thinking.

"The way he is? We're not really sure." Roman shrugged. "As a matter fact, between me and Seth, there's not much known about Dean Ambrose, just that he can be really moody sometimes. As his friends, we know that something terrible has happened to him, but we just don't know what." He noticed the concerned look on Nikki's face when addressing the issue of Dean.

"Don't worry about him, Princess." Roman said, reassuring her. "Dean is someone who can take care of himself, but I can only hope that one day he'll find someone who will be able to... give him some sort of peace, and comfort." Roman said with a tired side, all the while running his hand across his face.

"We're getting close, we're getting close!" Seth said, happily while being under control of Dean, who had his hand on his friend's shoulder as he forcefully directed him back to Roman and Nikki. Nikki saw a mansion in the distance, and her hand, as if on instinct pointed toward it.

"Is that the castle?"

"Yes, indeed it is." Roman and Dean stood on each side of Nikki again, both curling their arms to make a 'c', and insisted that the two of them escort Nikki in the castle, while Seth went to go and inform the King.

She hooked both of her arms into theirs, and Nikki Bella began walking toward her new life in Niflheim, all the while never expecting to look back on her old life in the Real World... ever again.

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