A/N: Previously, ... we learned in chapter 3 more about Niflheim. We learned that you cannot age while living in the world of Niflheim, and that there is no sunlight, only moonlight, and it is the moonlight that purifies a soul living in Niflheim, keeping a resident young forever. We also kind of learn that Dean is a man full of secrets... ones that Nikki is interested in finding out. In this chapter, we'll meet the King.

As soon as she stepped into the castle, Nikki's heart jumped from her chest to her throat. While she maybe a Princess of this new world, inside, she's still human, she felt human, and she felt like a normal woman who never died in a car accident... and being a Princess will never take away her right to feel genuine human emotions.

But if outside was any indication of just how beautiful Niflheim is, stepping into the Gothic architecture, and intimating large castle building only confirmed the beauty that lies in this world - Niflheim is majestic place, a world she never imagined would exist under the realm of the living.

Even the people she came across had a beautiful way in presenting themselves in Niflheim. They walked with grace in each of their movements, a bounce in each step they took, as well as happily greeting their Princess as she went on her way to meet the King.

There wasn't much she could remember about the Real World, but she was sure that living in the Real World is nothing compared to living in Niflheim, as far as the people were concerned they were so kind to her, at least, so far they were- and as long as this keeps up then it'd be easy for her to adjust to her new life here in Niflheim.

"Get ready, Princess. Your life will begin anew once you meet His Majesty." Roman's voice cut through her train of thoughts, and Nikki, for the umpteenth time straightened her posture as the trio of men escorted her down the large corridor of the castle, and toward the huge rich wooden double doors.

Seth and Dean each took both doors by their hands, and pulled it open, revealing the beautiful throne room where the King, with his strong physique, who sat in his royal chair, awaited for the arrival of his soon to be queen. Upon looking up at the double doors and seeing Nikki for the first time, the King instantly stood up from his chair, and made his way down to greet her.

"My you are quite the beauty, my Princess." The King took Nikki's hand, and rose it up to his lips to kiss it, and Nikki, not sure what to make of the gesture, gave off an unsure smile. "Er - thank you, Your Majesty."

"Paul," Dean said harshly cutting into the so called intimate moment between the two of them. "We're still here, you know."

For the King to be addressed in such a rude manner, it surprised Nikki. "Shut it, you damn fool. You will address me correctly, for I am the King of Niflheim." He said in an authoritative tone, and Dean only scoffed at the declaration. The King furthered ignored Dean's objections at not wanting to see a public display of affection between the two of them, and continued to give his attention to Nikki.

"My name is Paul Levesque, and yes, as I said before, I am the King of Niflheim." Paul, or The King, again, raised Nikki's hand to kiss it once more, and Nikki, not knowing how to take this second act of affection, smiled and slowly drew her hand away from him.

"Charmed, I'm sure."

Behind the King, she can see Dean making a look of disgust which was immediately replaced by the look of pain for it was Seth, who nudged his friend in the ribs, and Roman who closed in on Dean to hiss at him about not making a fool of himself in front of the King.

"So what do you think of Niflheim?" The King asked. Nikki as caught up as she was at looking at Dean and wondering what his deal was with the King, visibly brightened at the change of topic.

"I think it's beautiful Your Majesty. I never thought that underneath the world of the living, is a whole other world that's strictly for the dead." Nikki looked around the throne room.

"And the castle is quite beautiful. I find it hard to believe that someone like me is a Princess fitting for this sort of living." She admitted out loud, and Seth, cut in the conversation with a laugh. "Nonsense! You're perfect for it, Nikki! After all, We've all had a meeting about it!"

"A meeting?" Nikki asked, cocking her head to the side to look at Seth. He nodded enthusiastically. "Why yes of course! We've had Miss April dig up your record of your time living in the Real World. I think it was just a year ago when you died in that car accident, and were put to slumber for a year in Niflheim that we did this."

"Who's Miss April?"

"I call her, AJ." Dean said cutting into the conversation. "But she's the Record Keeper of Niflheim. Everyone living in Niflheim has a record of their time living in the Real World. She owns a library downtown where she manages the records, so if there's something you need to know about yourself, you go to her, and she'll pull out records that will remind you the basics about yourself ... date of birth, date of death, how you died, and all that jazz..." Dean went on with a simple shrug.

"So does that mean I can read about my own life?" Nikki asked excitedly. That's kind of amazing...

"Of course my Princess, but why waste your time with your nose in a book when we can celebrate your arrival here in Niflheim! Come now, let Roman show you to your chambers and prepare you for a festival for your arrival in Niflheim." The King ordered Roman to escort Nikki, and willingly, Roman came over to whisk Nikki away from the throne room.

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